The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese folks festival.On that day, the full moon hangs high in the sky and families are reunited. As such, the festival is also known as the Reunion Festival. On the night of Mid-Autumn,families gather together to enjoy good food and great conversations, spending quality time with each other.The Chinese are fastidious about their food, and that is displayed to its fullest extent during the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival. Aside from the main course,seasonal desserts are certainly a key feature on the dining table.

Snow Skin Mooncake

The moon is full when the flowers are blooming. Among all kinds of moon cakes, the soft, luscious and sweet snow skin moon cake is liked by both the young and the old.


Crust: 45g of glutinous rice flour, 30g of sticky rice flour, 30g of wheat flour, 45g of sugar, 180g of milk, 20g of butter

Custard filling:3 eggs, 150g of milk, 50g of sugar, 25g of wheat flour, 30g of milk powder, 30g of butter

Step by step process:


1. Pour glutinous rice flour, sticky rice flour, wheat flour and sugar into one container and mix, and then add milk and mix all.

2. After mixing, sieve the undissolved particles.

3. Cover the well-mixed powdered water with a layer of plastic wrap, and punch holes in the wrap to facilitate vaporing.

4. Steam the plastic wrap-covered powdered water for about 15 minutes, take out when solid.

5. Put the butter into the steamed crusts while they are still hot, so that the butter can be easily absorbed by the crusts.

6. Put on gloves and knead the crusts until the butter is fully mixed and dough forms, and then put it in the refrigerator.

Custard filling:

1. Beat eggs; pour in milk and milk powder and mix all.

2. Steam the butter until it becomes liquid, pour in the evenly mixed powdered water.

3. Continue to stir and filter out larger particles.

4. Simmer on low heat until it turns from sticky to doughy.

5. Knead small rolls of dough repeatedly between palms to form small round balls.

6. Wrap custard filling in flattened crust and gradually close the opening to form a ball.

7. Sprinkle some powder on the mold to prevent crusts from sticking to the mold.

8. Put the ball-shaped mooncakes into the mold and press down to form snow skin mooncakes.

Osmanthus and Red Bean Glutinous Rice Balls

In The golden autumn season when the fragrance of osmanthus gladdens the hearts red beans meet with Glutinous Rice Balls for a sweet and perfect Mid-Autumn Festival and dispel the autumn chill.

Ingredients:500g of red beans, 20g of rice, some yellow rock sugar, 100g of glutinous rice flour, some warm water

Step-by-step process:

1. Mix glutinous rice flour with water and knead into dough.

2. Take a small amount of dough, put it on a kitchen board tossed with a small amount of glutinous rice flour, and roll the dough into long strips.

3. Pour a small amount of glutinous rice flour into the prepared container, to prevent the ready glutinous rice balls from sticking when thrown into the container.

4. After all the glutinous rice balls are ready, shake the container to make them evenly covered in glutinous rice flour.

5. Sift the excess glutinous rice flour through a strainer before pouring the glutinous rice balls into the prepared container.

6. Wash the red beans and soak them for 6 hours.

7. Pour the soaked red beans into a pot to boil.

8. Put the right amount of sugar into the red beans and continue to boiling.

9. When the red beans are cracked, add some rice until all the red beans are cooked.

10. Boil glutinous rice balls in the red bean paste until they all float out.

11. Drizzle a small amount of osmanthus honey to enrich the flavor.

12. Finally toss a small amount of osmanthus.

Osmanthus-flavored Steamed Lotus Root

Embrace the Mid-Autumn Festival with the tasty lotus root and the fragrant osmanthus,soft and sweet, with lingering after tasting.

Ingredients:Three tubes of fresh lotus roots, glutinous rice, red dates, brown sugar, osmanthus and honey

Step by step process:

1. Wash and peel the lotus roots; soak glutinous rice for 2 hours.

2. Cut off lotus root ends and stuff glutinous rice into the holes of the lotus root at the cut and fill them.

3. Put the ends back to the lotus roots and fix them with toothpicks.

4. Put the glutinous rice-filled lotus root into a pot; add the right amount of brown sugar and red dates, and boil.

5. Simmer for three hours.

6: Keep pouring the juice in the pot on the surface of the lotus roots to make it absorb more juice.

7. Cook the lotus roots until they can be pierced with chopsticks and turn into red, then get them out.

8: Cook the remaining brown sugar juice into brown sugar sauce.

9: Drizzle brown sugar sauce and honey over glutinous rice-filled lotus root and sprinkle some osmanthus on top.

Refreshing Pudding

The coolness of the pudding will make the mid-autumn moon mellower.

Ingredients: 100g of sweet potato flour, 600g of water, 20g of sugar, mint.

Step by step process:

1. Mix 100 grams of sweet potato flour and 600 grams of water, add a bit of sugar, stir into the powdered water, pour into the pot, turn on low heat and gradually stir.

2. Later, solid particles will gradually appear at the bottom of the pot; continue stirring on low heat until the whole pot of sweet potato powdered water gradually become sticky and translucent.

3. When the whole pot of water becomes translucent, pour the sticky paste into the mold and spread even. Limit boiling time to prevent undesirable mouthfeel and taste.

4. Refrigerate the pudding in the mold, and it will be solid when the temperature is completely lowered.

5. After de-molding, cut it with a knife. Before cutting, dip both sides of the knife in water to prevent stickiness.

Kumquat Tea

Sweet and rich in vitamins, kumquatcan clear away heat and nourish the lungs, and dispel the sorrows of the season.

Ingredients: 500g of kumquat, 100g of salt, a lemon

Step by step process:

1. Soak the kumquat in a container, add some salt, and soak for 10 minutes.

2. Put the kumquats into the juicer and stop when the pulp becomes sticky.

3. Pour the jam into a pot; add some sugar, stir and simmer.

4. Get it out after about 25 minutes when the kumquat pulp becomes transparent and sticky.

5. Take a spoonful and put it in the cup, pour in hot water, mix well, and drink.